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Earth Materials Lab

The Earth Materials Lab is a shared laboratory in Stanford's School of Earth, Energy & Environmental Sciences predominately used for rock preparation and mineral separation. The Earth Materials Lab provides access, hands on training, and guidance for common rock preparation equipment and mineral separation procedures. Common usages include zircon, quartz, and feldspar separation; powdering samples for geochemical or isotopic analysis; and cutting rocks with diamond saws.
Facilities are available to anyone affiliated with Stanford University.


Benson Lab

Our laboratory investigate fundamental characteristics of carbon dioxide storage in geologic formations by conducting core flooding experiments and predictive modeling.

We provide access to some of our equipment for rock sample preparation and analysis to characterize petrophysical and multi-phase flow properties of the analyzed rock samples.


Earth Materials Lab     Benson Lab


Marty Grove
Lab PI
Phone: 650-721-5490
Email: mjgrove at  


Katie Dunn
Lab Manager
Phone: 650-721-1821
Email: kadunn at             


Sally Benson, Ph.D
Lab PI
Phone: 6507249721
Email: smbenson at


Charlotte Garing, Ph.D
Lab Manager
Phone: 650-736-7416 / 650-475-6051
Email: cgaring at

Location and hours of operation

Hours Location

Earth Materials Lab                    

Hours Staffed:
Mon - Fri  8:30AM-5:00PM     

24/7 access for trained users


 Benson Lab

Hours Staffed:
Mon - Fri  9:00AM-5:00PM 

24/7 access for trained users


Mitchell Earth Sciences,
397 Panama Mall,
Stanford, CA 94305



367 Panama St.,
ERE Dept., Rm 71,
Stanford, CA 94305-2220

Links and Resources

  1. Earth Materials Lab Website
  2. Benson Lab Website


Name Role Phone Email Location
Katie Dunn
Earth Materials Lab, Lab Manager
kadunn at
Mitchell A78
Charlotte Garing
Benson Lab, Lab Manager
6507367416 / 6504756051
cgaring at
GESB - Rm 69
Christopher Zahasky
Graduate student
zahas002 at
GESB - Rm 357