Computational Services and Bioinformatics Facility


Overview of Services


The CSBF provides a variety of Macintosh, Windows and Linux software for scientific research and general administrative use. The CSBF obtains concurrent network licenses that work under the control of a software license manager. This allows the facility to purchase a limited number of copies of expensive software but distribute the software widely within the Stanford network thus providing a substantial savings to the individual researcher.


Researchers can gain access to these software products at a significantly lower cost, through a yearly membership in the CSBF. The CSBF also shoulders the hidden cost of installing and managing the licenses and license servers.


When your lab becomes a member of the Bioinformatics Resource, you gain access to


For Beckman Center Researchers we also provide:

Getting Started


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Lee Kozar | CSBF Director

Phone:  650.725.4483

Email:  kozar at



Location and Hours of Operation



Computational Services & Bioinformatics Facility

Center for Molecular and Genetic Medicine

Beckman Center, B-062D    MC:5301

Stanford University

Stanford, CA  94305-5301



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Name Role Phone Email Location
Lee Kozar
kozar at
Beckman Center, B-062D

Price List

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Name Description Price
GraphPad and LabArchives License - per computer Inquire
Level 2 Annual CSBF Membership - per lab/year


Upgrade from Level 1 to Level 2 Membership - pro-rated per day
  • Upgrade from Level 1 to Level 2 membership prorated based on the number of days until the Level 1 membership expires.
  • The cost = ($900/365)* number of days