Stanford Center for Innovation in In-Vivo Imaging (SCI3)


Overview of Services


The Stanford Center for Innovation in In vivo Imaging (SCi3) is a service facility that provides access to state-of-the-art preclinical imaging instruments to the Stanford research community.  The instruments range from systems typically found in a clinical setting, but scaled for rodent usage (such as MRI, CT, PET and ultrasound), optical systems for measuring bioluminescence and fluorescence (IVIS, Ami, Lago and Maestro systems), new modalities (MPI and photoacoustic), as well as access to surgical preparation areas and computer workstations.  Scientists are trained to use instruments independently, and may then schedule time on systems as their experiments require.


Updates on instrument availabilty, training etc. are posted on the sci3 email list - please subscribe at 


If work done with this Service Center produces data resulting in a
figure in a publication, you are required to acknowledge the Service
Center ("Stanford Small Animal Imaging Facility") in the publication.
Further, if staff members of the center provided significant experimental
design, data interpretation, or other intellectual contribution (as
evaluated by the PI), then it is expected that these individuals will
be co-authors on the publication.




Faculty Director: Professor Heike Daldrup-Link, MD


Facility Director: Position vacant - TBA

Facility Associate Director (as of Sept'19): Laura Jean Pisani, PhD


Location and hours of operation


Clark Center, CMP and SIM1

Access is 24/7 with card key approval, staff support is 9-5pm, M-F

Access to the Clark Center Imaging Lab is by Card Key - to be granted access, the building requires that you have first completed the following (pick up paperwork from Clark Building Manager's Office, next to Nexus Cafe):

  • EHS 4200 General Safety
  • EHS 1900 Chemical Safety for Laboratories
  • EHS 2200 Compressed Gas Safety
  • EHS 1500 BioSafety
  • EHS 3400 Ergonomics
  • EHS 5275 Working Safely Near Radioactive Materials

Other training may be required to use specific instruments.  Once you have completed all this training, please see facility staff member (in person) for the facility approval, and then return to the Building Manager's Office for Clark Center approval.


Access to the SIM1 Imaging Lab is also by Card Key - please send request to Tim Doyle with your SoM card number and lab PI (requires prior access to SIM1 barrier).


Access to the CMP Imaging Room requires key access via the finger print reader - please request access at the CMP facility.



Links and Resources

  1. Service center rates

  2. Imaging at the Technology and Innovation Park at Porter Drive?  Try the SCi3@Porter!


Name Role Phone Email Location
Laura Pisani, Ph.D.
Director of Pre-clinical MRI
Frezghi Habte, Ph.D.
Director, SCi3@Porter
3155 Porter Drive, Room 1106
Main Lab (S040)


Clark S040
MicroPET Lab (S038)


Clark S038
MicroSPECT Lab (S039)


Clark S039
Bruce Koch
Last Resort
Dean's Office