Neuroscience Microscopy Service

This hippocampal neuron was filled during whole-cell electrophysiological recording
in a 300 µm thick acute brain slice, and, after post-hoc staining, was reconstructed
using the NMS NeuroLucida workstation. X, Y, and Z scale bars = 42 μm. Traced on
NMS's NeuroLucida workstation by Dr. Csaba Földy, Südhof lab.

Overview of Services

The NMS provides access to high-end, capital-intensive microscopy equipment that is often not available to individual labs.

Please note that the NMS has moved most of its facilities to the basement of the new Stanford Neurosciences Building.  The LSM710 Confocal Microscope is NOT impacted by this move, and will remain in SIM1.

Please also note that Dr. Andrew Olson retired as Director of the NMS on September 1st, and Dr. Cedric Espenel took over on this date.  We wish Andrew well in his new adventures, and welcome Cedric to the Wu Tsai Neurosciences Institute community!

Available equipment includes

  • Zeiss LSM980 with Airyscan 2 Confocal Microscope (Stanford Neuroscience Building)
  • Zeiss LSM710 Confocal Microscope (SIM1 basement)
  • LaVision Biotec Ultramicroscope II light sheet microscope (Stanford Neuroscience Building)
  • Bruker/Prairie Technologies Two-photon Microscopes: 1) In Vivo, 2) Tissue Slice (Stanford Neuroscience Building - NOT operational)
  • Whole-cell patch clamp e-phys rig (on the two-photon tissue slice microscope) (Stanford Neuroscience Building - NOT operational)
  • Zeiss AxioImager Motorized Widefield Fluorescence Microscope (Stanford Neuroscience Building)
  • Two high-powered image analysis workstations (both in Stanford Neuroscience Building - NOT available):
    • Harpo, with Imaris 3D imaging and analysis software, and
    • Chico, with Neurolucida tracing software


NMS Director | Cedric Espenel

Office (Wu Tsai Neuroscience Institure, S082A)

Email:  espenel at

Getting Started


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Wu Tsai Neurosciences Institute
Stanford Neurosciences Building

290 Jane Stanford Way, Room S080

Stanford, CA 94305

8 a.m. - 5 p.m., Monday to Friday  

24/7 access for trained users





Links and Resources

  1. NMS website in Wu Tsai Neurosciences Community Labs


Name Role Phone Email Location
Cedric Espenel, Ph.D.
Director NMS

Jon Mulholland
Director CSIF