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VSC Equipment and Technical Services

VSC Equipment and Technical Services

Overview of Services

To access specific rooms and equipment rentals, please use iLabs to process your request. Here you can schedule:

  • CMP Irradiator use  
  • RAF Irradiator use 

To access Irradiator Scheduling, please go to "Reservation Schedule". 

(NOTE: To view the calendar schedule, you will need to have attended CMP Irradiator Training and an active APLAC protocol)

Getting Started



Dave Bentzel, VMD, MPH, DACLAM, DACVPM | VSC Director

Office:  650-498-1560



Alberto Gaudiel | RAF Irradiation Orientation Manager



Edward Florendo | CMP Irradiation Orientation Manager



Financial Contact

Anne Lum | Director of Academic and Business Operations/Billing Manager

Office: 650-498-5254



Links and Resources


Name Role Phone Email Location
Dave Bentzel
VSC Director

Alberto Gaudiel
RAF Irradiation Orientation Manager

Edward Florendo
CMP Irradiation Orientation

Anne Lum
Assoc DFA, Dir Academic and Business Ops